Top 10 Tips With Edusson


Expository Essay Writing PowerPoint and Graphic Organizer. Guide students step by step through Edusson an expository writing prompt, using a four square graphic organizer. Students will learn how to put their ideas in logical order to support their thesis statement, develop an introductory paragraph with a hook, and develop a concluding paragraph that ends with a punch! Includes printable graphic organizer template to print (black and white), links to online resources, and a writing prompt for students to develop into their own 5-paragraph essay. Helpful test prep to develop writing for state standardized writing tests.

This Common Core aligned resource includes everything you need to ensure your students know how to create a well-developed, 5 paragraph, argumentative essay.

What’s included in the zip file:
– Proficient student sample essay in order to show students what the final product should look like.
– Break down of each paragraph (intro, 3 body paragraphs- discussing the 3 reasons to support claim, no counter-argument, and conclusion).
– 12 task cards to assess students’ understanding of the process, and give them practice in writing their own essays/paragraphs
– An incomplete essay, in which students use the task cards to practice adding supporting details, writing body and conclusion paragraphs, etc.

This product is a power point presentation on compare/contrast Edusson Writing (focusing on literature). It explains what a compare and contrast essay is and it discusses two methods for writing the essay (block method and point-by-point method). It also provides a list of transitional words and phrases to use when writing this type of essay.

It is an entire 4 week unit that will teach your students how to complete research and write a research essay. Each lesson has been constructed in the Writers Workshop model. If you have never used the Writers Workshop model before, this unit is perfect; with its scripted text and completed teacher examples, it walks you through the entire process! (Common Core State Standards are aligned and included as well for you to add right into your plan book!)

I’ve used this successfully in my classrooms with both younger and older elementary school students! Because of its structure, this can easily be adapted to teach lower grades (3,4) as well as higher elementary (5,6)!