A Powerful Thesis

Who is affected by fighting everyone strong statement everyone is affected by fighting therefore because I hate it it must be ended Wow easy steps hook a topic boom boom boom we get a thesis right now of course it’s going to take a little longer but I’m going to take a second or two to go through an example one for you right now because when I give you this introduction it should take you five ten minutes to come up with one of course you’re gonna have to fill it out with sentences but you should get the basic essence down very quickly but of course you’re good students and you’ve studied it.
So let’s take a look okay you know this one is a grabber you know this is topic and you know this is your argument right okay so what you want to argue I should say your argument what you want to argue so let’s do a grabber all is fair in love and war subject fighting hmm fighting now we’ve got our grabber you got my attention all of us ferric Lee what are you talking about love or what now I’m telling you the subjects about fighting they’re going to say well what what about fighting power hurt okay.

When you fight you get powerful fighting when you fight people get hurt okay people get hurt when you fight and let’s say solution okay you’re okay James so far you’ve written this but it’s not helping me I go I’m not finished this is my argument because now we’re going to do the thesis remember we can go positive or negative so of course most of you thinking fighting is bad right and it’s about power hurting people and solutions I’m telling you fighting is good I decided I’m going to go positive what you’re crazy I am you haven’t figured this out haha too late fighting is I’m going to say fighting well before I even get there cuz I can say fighting is good I’m going to now find some reason to come in here and make it positive how can fighting help us how when does fighting do the most damage or when does fighting do the best in the relationship who is the best fighter see these are.

I said I want to be positive so now I’m gonna do this w thing I’m gonna go okay okay okay okay okay okay fight fighting is the only way to heal the world what now he’s gone crazy that worm is in his brain no hear me out I’m going to show you how this essay works I know it’s crazy it’s a mess but you’re gonna hear me out okay I’m going I’ve done my W I think positive I went how I use the how I said strong statement how strong look the only the best thing to do in a thesis is use superlative strong language no maybe know if or might be strong hard okay so I said the only way of course you either agree or disagree and this is what’s necessary with a thesis.