Final Research Paper Draft

Everyone writes garbage right everyone writes garbage this and I’ve never been an author ever in the history who just wrote and it was in its final form we all look and we make things up so free writing is is helpful to encourage being created in both being very being Dini and allows you to then reduce whittle down you want to see wants you should make a sculpture not a painter that’s does anyone track this yeah so what’s your cement right oh I heard well I can’t spell I can’t – so if I try to do either of those things while I’m actually trying to think it like it’s just that’s me so I definitely I found fast around there that I can I overwrite less than I used to but I definitely not saying I’m at lunch but I need laser I do because I write that way. Find out more about perfecting your research paper at Edusson.

I do think about the fact that like when professors would assign and with undergraduate I mean I think given from an outline it was often very unhelpful because like the outline I would create for myself was of me not a regular being and in this way to prefer right back no silly Peter L have discourages writing outlines to earlier classes I think there is a time for outlines but I don’t think it’s day one of research so I just you know practically do have them turn in the climb a to make sure yes it is there’s a value in in the rewrite but right you have to do the first thing first yeah so when I go that’s what I’m going to suggest it for iteration you know for imported but of course this is just this is just the vocabulary and we do especially if you’re in an empty chair special you’re still writing your dissertation to also really want to think about how much time you are putting into teaching and you want to maybe think about an innovation to happen to being paid to do that teaching as well because especially while you’re still writing your dissertation that should be your first priority recognition.

We don’t want to be putting in 30 hours a week to grading and two hours a week that are they’re trying to get out of ya what’s turned Annan’s of being free right yeah no actually I’m actually not suggesting for rough drafts I’m suggesting and I’m also not suggesting great and even because you can’t really create something where the expectation is you’re going to write things that are back this isn’t bad enough for them mustn’t write that sentence no I think it but I think I’m encouraging you can only really encourage this with your assignment and maybe a this well I guess like what am I worries about this I suspect it’s very similar your burdens amazed because my students are in first years but I’ve been doing everything that power to get them to have fun precisely because of what their finish papers look like is pretty.

The Value Of A Good Vocabulary

I cannot stress enough on the you know on the importance and value of good vocabulary let’s look at this slide and using a dictionary find the meanings of these commonly confused words the reason why I want to do this exercise with you is that there are so many students who keep confusing words and when you confuse vocabulary or when you get confused in your choice of word or when the word choice is not all that good you stand to create a negative impression on the reader so here is a list of words there are several other words also I am I have just given you some words that I felt you may be interested in so activate and actuate advice with an A with a c and advise with an S a praise and a prize attain and obtain site and site continuous and continual deprecated appreciate eminent eminent.

Use your dictionary understand the meaning the difference in meanings and now here is another exercise for you please look at the slide and I want you to again check with your dictionaries and correct the Spelling’s of the following words commonly misspelled words campaign business commitment comparison definite hierarchy maintenance repetition all right now um let’s move on to discuss how to write a formal letter formal letter and writing a formal letter is an art by itself although many people will disagree what’s so artistic but sometimes you find it more difficult to write a formal letter especially in a situation where there are hierarchies academic and social hierarchies and it becomes rather difficult for person who is actually asking for something requesting for something to write the letter to someone’s you know to one senior in professional and academic setting by senior I mean professionally at somewhat higher level now it’s important that you make notes.

If you are a beginner it is important to make notes while writing a formal letter decide on the topic what you want to write on and then you write your ideas look through the ideas and decide which ideas are more or less important sometimes you may have a lot to say but you have to sift through these ideas and decide on something something that is very relevant essay writing should be concise and precise and to the point I am talking about formal letters and not personal letters so you cannot be talking of family situations unless it’s extremely important there you need to group the ideas and design on the best possible order and after doing this exercise you should start composing each paragraphs write the body there’s introduction the body and conclusion just the way you write a good essay good letter is no different from good as as far as structure is concerned although the length differs use appropriate linking words tooling the ideas together if it’s a formal letter and not personal I’ll again avoid contractions writing a suitable introduction and concluding it well is always extremely necessary.

A Powerful Thesis

Who is affected by fighting everyone strong statement everyone is affected by fighting therefore because I hate it it must be ended Wow easy steps hook a topic boom boom boom we get a thesis right now of course it’s going to take a little longer but I’m going to take a second or two to go through an example one for you right now because when I give you this introduction it should take you five ten minutes to come up with one of course you’re gonna have to fill it out with sentences but you should get the basic essence down very quickly but of course you’re good students and you’ve studied it.
So let’s take a look okay you know this one is a grabber you know this is topic and you know this is your argument right okay so what you want to argue I should say your argument what you want to argue so let’s do a grabber all is fair in love and war subject fighting hmm fighting now we’ve got our grabber you got my attention all of us ferric Lee what are you talking about love or what now I’m telling you the subjects about fighting they’re going to say well what what about fighting power hurt okay.

When you fight you get powerful fighting when you fight people get hurt okay people get hurt when you fight and let’s say solution okay you’re okay James so far you’ve written this but it’s not helping me I go I’m not finished this is my argument because now we’re going to do the thesis remember we can go positive or negative so of course most of you thinking fighting is bad right and it’s about power hurting people and solutions I’m telling you fighting is good I decided I’m going to go positive what you’re crazy I am you haven’t figured this out haha too late fighting is I’m going to say fighting well before I even get there cuz I can say fighting is good I’m going to now find some reason to come in here and make it positive how can fighting help us how when does fighting do the most damage or when does fighting do the best in the relationship who is the best fighter see these are.

I said I want to be positive so now I’m gonna do this w thing I’m gonna go okay okay okay okay okay okay fight fighting is the only way to heal the world what now he’s gone crazy that worm is in his brain no hear me out I’m going to show you how this essay works I know it’s crazy it’s a mess but you’re gonna hear me out okay I’m going I’ve done my W I think positive I went how I use the how I said strong statement how strong look the only the best thing to do in a thesis is use superlative strong language no maybe know if or might be strong hard okay so I said the only way of course you either agree or disagree and this is what’s necessary with a thesis.

Top 10 Tips With Edusson


Expository Essay Writing PowerPoint and Graphic Organizer. Guide students step by step through Edusson an expository writing prompt, using a four square graphic organizer. Students will learn how to put their ideas in logical order to support their thesis statement, develop an introductory paragraph with a hook, and develop a concluding paragraph that ends with a punch! Includes printable graphic organizer template to print (black and white), links to online resources, and a writing prompt for students to develop into their own 5-paragraph essay. Helpful test prep to develop writing for state standardized writing tests.

This Common Core aligned resource includes everything you need to ensure your students know how to create a well-developed, 5 paragraph, argumentative essay.

What’s included in the zip file:
– Proficient student sample essay in order to show students what the final product should look like.
– Break down of each paragraph (intro, 3 body paragraphs- discussing the 3 reasons to support claim, no counter-argument, and conclusion).
– 12 task cards to assess students’ understanding of the process, and give them practice in writing their own essays/paragraphs
– An incomplete essay, in which students use the task cards to practice adding supporting details, writing body and conclusion paragraphs, etc.

This product is a power point presentation on compare/contrast Edusson Writing (focusing on literature). It explains what a compare and contrast essay is and it discusses two methods for writing the essay (block method and point-by-point method). It also provides a list of transitional words and phrases to use when writing this type of essay.

It is an entire 4 week unit that will teach your students how to complete research and write a research essay. Each lesson has been constructed in the Writers Workshop model. If you have never used the Writers Workshop model before, this unit is perfect; with its scripted text and completed teacher examples, it walks you through the entire process! (Common Core State Standards are aligned and included as well for you to add right into your plan book!)

I’ve used this successfully in my classrooms with both younger and older elementary school students! Because of its structure, this can easily be adapted to teach lower grades (3,4) as well as higher elementary (5,6)!

Education and Work Experience

Education and Work Experience

There is no doubt that both higher education and work experience are important parts of education for employability. Many students want to go university and graduate with a degree which can fill their resume. However I believe that the work experience has better efficiency than the degree, particularly in terms of employment activity. First of all, work experience during higher education, and in particular that related to study, has a positive effect on employment activity because experience is what the majority of employers want.

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For example, we can easily find that many of the job or career advertisements emphasize 3 to 4 years experience in the particular field. According to my experience, I also preferred experience over education when I tried to designate new members as my team. I selected 7 applicants who have some experience out of 120 candidates applying for the position in order that I wanted to start the project immediately. Companies want to save both time and money by choosing experienced employees.

The other major reason is that the work experience allows students to learn about the world of work in a real working situation. They can get a good idea of what work is like in their placement and it help them to decide about their career. It is very useful even though they find that the field does not match them, as they can quickly change their pathway based on the experience. On the other hand, there are the types of jobs that require higher education over experience such as university professors in specific fields of study, for example: mathematics, physics, and chemistry etc.

Похожее изображение

We can easily find that many young professors who do not have work experience but are highly educated and their knowledge is what is needed in their particular expertise. Therefore, in the specific part of job, higher education is more important than work experience. However, in the wider world of job, work experience is more important than higher education. To sum up, it is clear that work experience has a positive impact on most aspects of employment activity. For this reason, those students who want to design their life or find better job after graduating should try to get work experience related to study during their educations.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Team Work

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Team Work

After forming our team, we vote a team leader to lead the team. The team leader is in charge of formulating and delegating the tasks according to the strengths of individual members. This form also allows team members to be organised on comparative advantage grounds with each members operating in their area of specialisation resulting the lowest opportunity cost during the project process. For example, some excel at coming up with the creative ideas, while others who are more meticulous can work out the small details and there are those who have the ability to communicate the overall big picture to the rest of the team.

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There are also others who can be counted on when it comes to implementing and follow through the whole project. Others who can speak well will be nominated to present. The key takeaways is that when a team work together, it has a huge range of skills available that can be tap on and utilise to deliver the best results. Using this approach, valuable time will be put to good use, leading to achieving maximisation of the end product. Next, speed is very crucial is finishing the project as we are faced with a tight schedule.

Картинки по запросу team work

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Beside the deadline to meet, we also need to accommodate to each members schedule as most members are working. For example, our project that required intensive research, implementing it and pulling together as a whole proposition is allocated to one member to complete it; it could take more than the required time to complete the project. And due to the heavy workload on the particular member, there is also a high possibility of achieving sub- standard for the project. Therefore working in team enable the group to split up the workload, ensuring that the project schedule will be completed on time.

Different members acquired different skills and knowledge. By utilising and mixing all of these different attributes in our team, more ideas can be generated during brainstorming session. As more ideas are generated, more creative solutions are generated, leading to better results. For example while discussing about our individual research in regards to Singapore employment key trends, challenges and issues during our brainstorming sessions; we are able to stimulate each other mind to generate ideas and solutions to our problems. During this period of discussion, transfer of nowledge will takes place as each member’s idiosyncratic information is shared among other members. And this idiosyncratic information is important as we are able to broaden our views and learn from each member’s knowledge and point of view. Discussions in a team are important to achieve creative ideas and solutions. However more than often this will also open up to a wide range of options which will result in a dilemma to choose the best solution. If we spend too much time figuring on choosing the best solution, we will remain stagnant and never move forward, impending on our project progress.

In this team situation, other members can act as a sounding board, vetting through the options and choose the best agreed solution that is most likely to achieve the purpose and goal of the project. Working in a team can also create both the right support and satisfaction needed to complete the project. For example, there are times when team cannot progress with the project due to reason like lack of ideas; members can relied on the camaraderie spirit, support and encouragement to ride thru the down period.

This significant energy is important in achieving the desired results. However working in a team has its kickbacks as well. There might be the possibility of the incentive dilution effect. In economic point of view, incentive dilution effect is caused by free- rider situation leading to the non-excludability of rewards. The free rider situation occurs when individuals in a group consume more or pay less than their fair share of a common resource, hence it will be hard to determine or measure free rider contribution to the team.

For example, each team member is assigned to different areas of research and findings; however one particular member did not perform to expectation and did not put in enough effort to perform the duties. Under such circumstances, non-excludability of rewards step in when this particular member rides on other members’ effort and hard work and claim contribution in making this project a success. Beside the free-rider effects, if communicating and understanding how each group member work has not developed, it may also pose a problem in completing the project.

As a result conflicts will take place; cooperation within the team will be hard to compromised, therefore leading to a high transaction cost of coordination. For example, lack of understanding and cooperating with group members might lead to using more time than required to complete the project. This is an example of high transaction costs. The lower the transaction costs is, the more benefits the team will gained. To counter the problems faced in working in a team, we can shrink the number of members to reduce the free-rider effects. As the larger the team is, the greater the free-rider effect would be.

In a large team, communication within group members may not be specific enough, resulting in issues not receiving necessary focus or attention. On top of that, if members are not performing to the duties assigned to them, resulting in diminishing returns, we can use the rotation policy to assign the duties to other members to increase the flow of information. In short, working in a team is definitely more beneficial as compare to working individually; there will be more outputs in term of higher efficient work rate and more creative ideas being generated to complete the project.

When we speak about teamwork, it is also about understanding how each individual member’s works and to tap on each member’s different ability and knowledge to produce quality work within the given deadline. However to achieve maximum benefits by working in a team, there are few issues like the free-rider effect and the risk of high transaction costs that needed to be manage carefully. If not manage carefully, time and resources like member’s knowledge will come to waste.

Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips

Job interviews are what most people never get used to. If you have a job interview soon and you are stressed, the first thing you should do is not to think about the aftermath. Focus on the interview and your resume and on what you need to know to take the job.

Basically, an interview is where you try to get the job. Moreover, given the limited amount of time an interview lasts, all you can do is appear. It`s impossible for the interviewers to learn who you really are in 60 minutes. On the other hand you can appear like the one they are looking to hire.

The first thing that enters into play is your appearance as far as it shapes the interviewer’s first impression of you.

Studies show that an unfavorable first impression is enough for a negative outcome. Wear clothes that fit you and the job you are applying for. Shoes play an important role in the way you look as well, it pays to invest in a good pair of shoes.

With a positive first impression in his mind, the next question your employer will try to answer himself is whether you are technically fit for the job or not. At the same time he will attempt to learn as much as possible about your personality through your gestures. At this point you are called to appear qualified and act in such a way as to betray a strong personality. Your personality counts, sometimes it counts even more than what you appear to know.

Self-confidence is an important aspect of your character.

To appear self confident shake hands firmly at the beginning and keep eye contact with the employer from the beginning till the end of the interview. Pay attention to your posture as far as bad posture makes you appear as lacking self-confidence.

The vocabulary you use to answer the questions counts as well.

When phrasing your answers try to keep it simple, use elaborate language only when it confers particularly well what you mean. Excessive use of academic terms makes your answers not easy to understand. Incomprehensible is the last thing you want to be in a job interview. Additionally, you must avoid at all costs behaviors that betray at any rate a lack of interest for the job. Such behaviors are arriving late at the interview or short answers like ok or so so which betray carelessness.

As for proving that you got the right technical knowledge to get the job it is strongly recommended that you read something about the company beforehand. With a clear company profile in your mind you can pick up those achievements and experiences of yours that do fit particularly well the profile. It will make you sound perfect. It is also important to let the interviewer know that you are willing to learn.
At the end of the interview you might ask few questions about details.

Before leaving don’t forget to say thank you and shake hands firmly with the interviewer.

Why You Should Start an Online Teaching Degree?

Why You Should Start an Online Teaching Degree?

Have you ever wanted to study but hate the idea of waking up in the morning, rushing for class with your shoes in hand, and coffee to go and only to end up late for class because the traffic lights weren’t on your side? Or are you trying to make ends meet so you’re forced to work but still wish you could study? Is teaching something you’ve always wanted to do but can’t seem to keep up with lessons at a regular college?

Well, stop fretting, regretting and forcing yourself to make decisions, but instead, consider taking an online teaching degree.

There are many benefits that come with starting an online teaching degree. For instance, you get to study at your own time and pace. This is perfect if you’re working part time or even full time and want to continue your education. Also, if you think college lessons are too fast, then this will be perfect for you as well.
People who’ve got multiple commitments at work, with family and such, find it hard to stay on track with lessons so an online degree would be ideal because you don’t follow the lesson, the lesson goes in accordance to your time.

Besides that, there are many accredited institutions that give you the advantage of choosing any college you like no matter how far it may be.

You also don’t have to attend lessons in classrooms and get to study from the comfort of your own home at whatever time you would like as classes online are very flexible.

Also, you get to reach your lecturer with ease and submit assignments easily as well. As you don’t have to make appointments to meet them at the office, submitting work by email saves you a lot of time and gives you a chance to receive proper feedback as your lecturer will check it as and when they are free as well.
Another great reason why you should start an online teaching degree is because you get to save so much!

You learn without the need of extensive materials such as the books from the college library, lab fees, general college fees and so much.

You would only pay the fees of the course and enrollment fee and that too would be less than your regular college fee as you wouldn’t need to pay for facilities and such.

Besides that, you save on other things such as transportation cost, stationery and books. Generally, when you start college, you would invest in more clothing as well, but with online learning, you can skip all the different outfits for different days and save all that money too.

Furthermore, you get an interactive learning environment which might surprise you.

You may think it’s not possible without going to class and such, but with the internet available, there are chat systems and classes connected through podcast and web viewings. You would get the same experience of group work, just that you would have to do it online instead and use online tools.

So, why wait? If you’ve got the interest, create an opportunity and jump at it.

Is Grad School Right for You?

Is Grad School Right for You?

Perhaps one of the most important factors in deciding whether attending graduate school is right for you is to ask yourself if you are truly passionate about the graduate degree you will be pursuing. Completing a graduate degree requires an incredible amount of work and a massive investment of your time so it’s vitally important that you genuinely enjoy what you will be studying. If you are simply studying something that you feel will benefit your income and career, but which you aren’t really interested in, then you’re probably attending grad school for all the wrong reasons. Remember, grad programs are different from undergrad programs, you’ll be focused on a specific field of study, delving deeply into details. If you aren’t passionate about the field, your grad school experience is likely to be tortuous.

Don’t Go to Grad School If:

A Degree Won’t Lead to Career Advancement or a Higher Income

Unless you are at a place in life where you can afford to complete a graduate degree simply for pleasure, it’s not a good idea to attend grad school if you know that it will have little effect on your career advancement or earning potential. Graduate degrees require a huge investment, and they are not something you should invest in if you know that it’s unlikely to pay off.

If you’re unsure whether or not a graduate degree will help your career, complete some research and talk to professionals from within your field to get an idea for how important it really is. Ask people who hold positions that you’re interested in achieving if they think graduate school is worth the time, effort and cost. Ultimately, don’t go to graduate school if you’re virtually certain that it will have little impact on your salary or career development.

You Can’t Afford Graduate School

Wherever you go to graduate school, it’s going to be expensive, costing at least thousands, but potentially tens of thousands or even over a hundred thousand dollars. If you have this saved up or are able to secure student loans that you know you’ll be able to pay off fairly quickly after graduation, then you’re in a great financial position to go to grad school. However, if you have no savings put away and can’t guarantee that a graduate program will enable you to earn a much higher salary, then you probably can’t afford graduate school and should avoid it at all costs. Although accepting that graduate school is out of your financial limits can be a depressing pill to swallow, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that your dreams of attending grad school have to be put off forever. People of all ages and stages of life go to grad school, so if you can’t afford it now, just be sure to start saving money and stockpiling a grad school fund which you can tap into down the line.

Graduate School Won’t Fit into Your Lifestyle

Graduate school will seriously shake up your existing lifestyle, so it’s important that you are prepared for this. Make sure that you can realistically cope with the necessary lifestyle adjustments, or you could find the experience to be a deep, dark, pit of despair. Studying for a graduate degree will require you to dedicate an enormous amount of time to attending class, reading and preparing your thesis or dissertation. If you have young children to care of, if you are responsible for the care giving of elderly relatives or if you can’t afford to give up your full-time job to attend graduate school, then this may not be a realistic option. Unless you enroll in a part-time or entirely online program, you will likely struggle to cope with graduate school if you have too much going on in your personal life.

Resume advice from recruiters

With so many applicants competing for jobs these days, you must make sure that your resume stands out to increase your chances of landing an interview. Here are some resume format tips for successful resume writing:

Easy on the eyes – A resume that stands out requires little effort when read. It should immediately convince an employer why you are qualified for the job. A professional summary at the top is the best way to sell your skills to hiring managers. A summary can also tailor your resume so that your skills fit the job description like a glove.

Show immediate benefits – When writing your professional summary, you must also concentrate on the immediate benefits you can contribute to the organization rather than stating your objectives if the company hires you. Hiring managers won’t care what an applicant wants to do. What they do care about is if the applicant will be able to perform the tasks expected of them.

Quantify your accomplishments – The best way to sell your skills is by quantifying your accomplishments. Don’t be shy about the results of the projects you were involved in. Remember that facts always speak louder than words.

Job Relocation Questions to Ask

Relocating to a new place is becoming a common trend since not all states are affected by the recession in the same way. Job seekers would naturally want to relocate to a state that has more opportunities for employment.

However, relocating to a new place also has its risks. Avoid the problems of job-related relocation by asking yourself these important questions:

What’s my motive?

The recession has made life difficult, not just on the professional level but on the personal one as well. If you’re thinking about relocating, it’s important for you be aware of your real motives. Your job relocation might just be a convenient excuse to escape personal problems. If you are running away from personal problems, you’re probably wasting time, effort and money. Remember that problems don’t vanish unless you solve them.

Accept a job relocation only if it truly gives you the best chance of improving your current situation.

Will I have a future?

If the job is just about paying the bills, then relocating may be too big a risk. Relocating means leaving people you know, spending money to be able to transfer and, in some cases, selling what you already have. If you pursue a job that has no opportunity for career growth, then your job transfer move might not be worth it.

Do I have all the bases covered?

Relocating will cost you money. The new job you’re eyeing might provide a higher salary than you have today. But until that first paycheck comes, do you already have enough resources to cover the cost of living in the new place?

If you’re seriously considering job relocation, get that head start by saving as much money as you can now. Doing so will help ease your transition in the new place.

In addition, if you have friends or family in the place you’re moving to, you may want to consider moving in with them for the first month or so to help you settle in the new state. Use the extra time to research on better deals for rent or maybe even a mortgage.